A History of Quality

We started our journey as a small business-to-business manufacturer that focused on creating quality products with extreme attention to detail. Because of this, museums in our area began to reach out to us to create bonnets and vitrines for their exhibits as our products reflected the same quality of pieces that would be shown inside. Like us, museums have the highest standards. 

As word spread of our products, we began to work with a variety of clients. From corporate trade shows and retail storefront manufacturers to Fortune 500 companies, we created and built whatever they imagined with our superior acrylic bonding techniques. 

A Clear Difference

The acrylic bonding process is what makes our company unique. There are many types of solvents that can be used and each comes with different viscosities, drying times, and ease of use. Many of these solvents are easily available to the public, but as we continued to learn, we realized that we could develop something better. We began researching different chemicals- mixing, experimenting, and testing a variety of proprietary blends until we created our own  solvents that we use today. This aspect of chemistry in acrylic fabrication is what fascinates us the most, and we still continue to improve our formulas to make our products the best they can be.

Our Expertise

Backed by Years of Experience

We realized we could bond thicker pieces together as we developed better solvent blends. Our customer feedback showed us that there are not many other quality offerings. Many products were made with thinner acrylic making it easier to cover up quality and consistency- with the use of thicker acrylic we separate ourselves as professionals from the novices. 

There is no substitution for years of training and experience and it shows in our products. As our skills have developed over the years, so did the difficulty of pieces. We were no longer working with basic displays, but with intricate pieces like chairs, tables, monuments, city art installations, wine rooms, and even large aquariums.

Custom Design
Clearly Experienced

Direct to Consumer

Today we’re still that same manufacturer with one difference- we want to work directly with customers who value craftsmanship and high-quality furniture in their homes. These are the products we love to create- challenging, unique, and unconventional. We want to imbue that same sense of wonder we first felt with acrylic bonding in every piece we make for you. Because acrylic is beautiful. It can twist and bend like no other material. It can elevate a room when it’s a slab table, or it can blend seamlessly into the background as a near-invisible pedestal. It’s the ideal choice for individuals who seek upscale pieces that are adaptable to your style and unique identity.

Innovation in Design

We operate to the highest standards not only for our products but also for our employees and customers. It’s important to us that we are giving back to our employees just as much as they are giving to us. We believe in paying fair wages and creating a community within our workplace, as our goal is to impress you from the start. We want it to be clear that you are working with a company that is different, one that understands, and one that will continue to support you even after your furniture is delivered. 

We continue to push the envelope of innovation, from new design concepts to new machinery investments. Always curious, forever striving for perfection.